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Elizabeth Banks’ Trainer Coaches Us on How to Avoid the Holiday Bulge

Everyone wants to look their best in their holiday OOTD. But with fast food holiday treats and adorable homemade cookies at every cubicle, party and apartment? Well, let’s just say it can be way hard to avoid that seemingly inevitable holiday food baby. Luckily, we’ve enlisted the help of one very special celebrity trainer (think the woman behind the bodies of The Hunger Games and Pitch Perfect) to help us achieve our holiday fitness goals. Lifesum fitness expert and celebrity trainer Joselynne Boschen, whose client roster includes Elizabeth Banks, gave five tips to keep your exercise routine on track throughout December.

1. Don’t fall into the over-exercising trap. Many of us want to drop 15 pounds the week before Christmas, but crash dieting and binging on exercise should NEVER be advised. Instead of killing yourself with a 40-hour workout week, Joselynne advises making small changes to your exercise routine and diet during the holiday lead-up: “The best thing you can do for yourself is to set a routine that you enjoy.”

2. Find workout activities that you actually enjoy. Instead of dreading a brutal 20 minute ab blasting sesh, Joselynne recommends getting a workout in by doing activities that you actually like. “Meet your friends for yoga or dance around to Christmas music as cardio,” says Joselynne. Finding something you actually like to do will help you stay motivated and committed… even when the holiday stress starts to kick in.

3. Make use of Christmas movie binge-a-thons. Listen, we all love vegging out in front of the tube for a cheesy Christmas flick. But instead of reaching for the chips, try turning your TV time into a heart-pumping exercise routine. “Hold a plank for the duration of the first commercial break, do bicycle crunches during the second and squats throughout the whole of the third break,” Joselynne advises. We always knew Home Alone was going to be the secret to our holiday fitness success!

4. Swap out your festive flats for trendy sneakers. Whether you’re headed to work or hanging with friends, “wearing a pair of great sneakers is a trendy fashion statement that also encourages you to walk more,” says Joselynne. Pair them with a stylish wearable and get ready to slay the holidays.

5. Always take the stairs… and do an extra lap too. “This is a tip I always promote, but it is extra important during the holidays, when we tend to give ourselves less time at the gym,” says Joselynne. Instead of just choosing the stairs instead of the elevator, do an extra lap to really get your heart rate up. “On the way up, focus on pushing up through your heal with your entire foot on each step and, if you are brave, skip steps,” she counsels. “This extra movement adds up and will help you reach your total step goal for the day.”

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by:Ashley Macey

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